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Your Frequently Ask Questions

What is Giga Upload?

Giga Upload ( offers mobile, friendly, fast and stable video hosting with a html5 player. We offer the opportunity to share videos completely free of charge.

How do I upload files?

Simply login to your account and go click `Upload`. but first don't forget to register, you need an account to do this.

What kind of files can be uploaded?

MP4. This site is dedicated for `video/mp4` file type only.

How long does my file stay?

Files that has no traffic activity within 30 days are automatically deleted by the system.

What is the maximum file size?

The maximum file size is limited to Gigabyte (1GB) per upload.

How do I delete my uploaded file?

To delete the uploaded file, go to `File Manager` and simply click the `archive` button. All archived files are scheduled to be deleted within 24 hours. In case you mistakenly decided a file, you still have a chance to download and re-upload the file.

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