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Your Frequently Ask Questions

What is Giga Upload?

Giga Upload ( offers mobile, friendly, fast and stable video hosting with a html5 player. We offer the opportunity to share videos completely free of charge.

How do I upload files?

Simply login to your account and go click `Upload`. but first don't forget to register, you need an account to do this.

What kind of files can be uploaded?

Currently, we support `.mp4` file. Make sure it's mime type is `video/mp4` when you upload.

What is the maximum file size?

The maximum file size is limited to Gigabyte (1GB) per upload.

How do I delete my uploaded file?

To delete the uploaded file, go to `File Manager` and simply tick the `archive` button. All archived files are scheduled to be deleted within 24 hours. In case you mistakenly decided a file, you still have a chance to download and re-upload the file.

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