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Get to know the magic we do behind video streaming.

About us

Giga Upload (, the state of the art, blazing fast video streaming service was created by a passionate team of revolutionary thinkers, dedicated in making your online streaming experience excellent. As creators, we know that you are in need of a service offering the best mix between usability and functions, our comprehensive real-time file insights and file management will enable you to analyse and stay up to date on your viewers while still having an easy to use interface for your file storage. All of this delivered in one single web-suite.

Just for you.

  • We built this app open for hacking so you can integrate to your own app.
  • Simple, fast and unlimited uploads, upload as much as you want as fast as your connection allows you to.
  • Rapid video streaming, with the presence in multiple Data centers around the world, you will enjoy flawless video streaming around the clock.
  • Broad platform compatibility, you can watch videos on our website from just about any current browser and device on the market.
  • For frequently asked questions, take a look at our FAQ page.

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